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Tree Fertilization

When Columbus discovered America it was said that these were the most beautiful and lushest forest he had encountered. A squirrel could jump from tree to tree and never touch the ground until it reached the Mississippi river. The Forest floor was a spongy mat of rich organic matter providing recycled nutrients to the plants as nature has intended.

Fast forward to the modern tree:

Beautifully landscaped gardens, lush green lawns, and struggling to survive shade trees. The soil has been compacted by foot and lawn mower traffic.

The natural process has been broken. The dense turf mat adsorbs the bulk of the rain fall and any attempt from the tree to add to it's nutrient deficient soil is eliminated by us raking the leaves away. Any broadcast fertilizer or mulching blades on the lawn mower benefits the turf alone as it never makes it past the the turfs carpet like root system. A tree growing under these conditions are more susceptible to a wide range of insect and disease vectors.  Keeping your trees growing vigorously is their best defense.

We offer deep root feeding as a method to inject nutrients with an injection needle  into the soil throughout the root system of the tree. This allows us to penetrate through the turf mat and put the fertilizer where the tree can immediately utilize it.This is done as a liquid and under pressure. The pressure created during this process also fractures the compact soil to allow rain water and oxygen to once again enter the trees root system.

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