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Pruned trees should not look pruned. They should look natural but cleaner.

There are many reasons to prune a tree. Pruning is as much an art form as it is a science. Approaches to pruning are very specific to the species being pruned and to the goal of the arborist and homeowner. 

Objectives in pruning:

Developing a canopies scaffold-Structural pruning is best started when trees are very young to select a strong scaffold that will bring the tree to maturity. Mature trees can also be structurally pruned but this often takes many years to achieve. Experience helps the arborist develop each individual species as their natural form was intended.


Deadwood Pruning

Cleans the canopy of unsafe, diseased and infested wood. This will also enhance the tree aesthetically.



Creates air circulation to reduce wind sail and fungal/bacterial growth.


Shaping of Ornamental Trees

Aesthetics & Fruit production


Vista Pruning

This is achieved by selectively thinning or removing parts of the canopy 
to expose the desired view in the background.

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